When it comes to purchasing a heated water hose for your home, it is important to look for one which is FDA approved, efficient, reliable, durable, and made of high-quality materials. The heated water hose products offered by NoFreezeWaterHose are manufactured with the use of high-quality parts proven to be effective at a temperature of -40C/F in Alaska. NoFreezeWaterHose are made of quality parts which are more highly dependable because they don't break, burn, freeze, burst, leak, short out and underperform, and the company can also provide double the warranty provided by their competitors in the market. NoFreezeWaterHose products have no bad taste because the highest standards are followed strictly when it comes to manufacturing.


NoFreezeWaterHose products have hydraulic crimped ford brass fittings, outer braided polyester monofilament, thermal foam seal,  drawing 1.5A per 24' of hose, and it is self-regulated. The thermal insulation of  NoFreezeWaterHose products use the electrically heated hose assembly technique, utilizing a 10 VAC UL-rated waterproof heated spiral circuit. NoFreezeWaterHose heated water hoses have male fittings on each because female fittings with washers tend to leak, wear out, or break. NoFreezeWaterHose products don't need constant monitoring because the hose is a self-limiting heated water hose that is pre-programmed to only operate as necessary. Once the NoFreezeWaterHose is plugged in, there is no point turning off the unit. NoFreezeWaterHose has a core material that continuously varies heat output along the heated water pipe as the water temperature changes. The 1996 National Electric Code is strictly followed by NoFreezeWaterHose offering ground fault protection. The cost of daily operations depend on a 25-foot hose, about 25 cents per day or 2.5. kilowatts of electricity. Avoid altering the NoFreezeWaterHose in any way. NoFreezeWaterHose can create a customized hose for your special requirement, but don't attempt to transfer waste, oil, or other liquids using the hose. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_hose to learn more about water hose.



All NoFreezeWaterHose heated water hoses are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. NoFreezeWaterHose is proud of their money back guarantee with 30 days return if you are not satisfied with the product. Although you cannot perform daisy chain, NoFreezeWaterHose heated water hoses are specifically designed to be attached together to form longer hoses as needed. NoFreezeWaterHose can build any hose such as waste hoses and grey hoses to keep water flowing in freezing temperatures up to 100' custom hoses. The snow melts on the NoFreezeWaterHose heated water  hose that is laid upon the ground with a power cord of 6-feet long. For you to determine if the hose is working, properly, you need to feel the hose and it should be warmer than its surrounding environment since the heating element is activated in the hose in near or below freezing temperatures, learn more here!